Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Being a Blessing

In the darkness a desperate cry is heard, “Seeing me broken in the room, yet never a needle to stitch a shattered piece of my heart…”  The Wayfarer had been walking along when the sounds of a painful, broken heart reached his ears.  He listened attentively as the agonizing story unfolded, piercing his heart, causing him to feel the pain of this fellow Wayfarer.  He could only look up to the Father and plead, “Abba, what can I do to come alongside to aid this one calling out for relief from pain?” 

The more the Wayfarer heard the more compassion he felt for this young, Precious One in need of true love that only comes from above.  He realized this meeting was not mere happenstance, but one orchestrated by Abba Himself.  Over the many years of his own heartaches and suffering there were others who came alongside to apply ointment and dressings to the wounds.  They helped him to heal and become strengthened, enabling him to journey on in his endeavors.  Much wisdom and understanding had been gained through those years, along with a compassionate heart to reach out to others in distress.

Looking to Abba the Wayfarer asked for guidance and insight to be an encouragement that will be of strength to her.  Abba had put a desire in his heart to stand in the gap, offering friendship, showing her kindness, care and concern for her wellbeing.  The Wayfarer continued to pray for her and her children that they would receive all the love and comfort they would need to carry them through the heartaches and struggles confronting them; that they would overcome the obstacles and be strengthened in the process.

They continue on their journey, receiving words of encouragement when needed - growing in their determination to live life to the fullest.  Abba goes with them, as He has done for the Wayfarer throughout his life.  In the meantime the Wayfarer continues to be blessed by this Precious Gem who shows so much joy in the midst of her trials.  Truly Abba is enriching her life as she puts her trust in Him.

Though the Wayfarer desires to be a blessing and encouragement to this Precious One it is he who is receiving encouragement and blessings from her.  He is further amazed by such a one who has been under much agonizing stress yet having the ability to radiate great joy to those about her.  However, she has shared moments when she’s alone and overwhelmed by fear of what lies ahead of her, wondering how she can cope.  Other times she has the fear of being under attack of the enemy.  It is during such moments when Abba sends messages of encouragement and assurance that He is ever present with her.  Once again she has renewed strength and increased trust in Abba.

The Wayfarer has confidence that she is growing stronger and overcoming many of the obstacles in her path.  Yet he wonders how much pain she may still be enduring when she is in her quiet moments.  He continues to offer words of encouragement and is diligent in prayers for her and her family.  He is committed to remain alongside of her for as long as may be required.  To some this would be considered a burden but when Abba puts it in your heart it is a joy.  This may last but for a season or it may last a lifetime of true friendship.  Only Abba knows.  Regardless the outcome the Wayfarer has complete trust in Abba and is at total peace.

Is there someone that Abba has put on your heart to come alongside to help out?  Are you being a blessing to others or a burden?  The Wayfarer would encourage you to look to Abba to strengthen you to become the person you need to be to others.  That we would all become a blessing to those who need us in times of distress.  Shalom and blessings.

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Cycles of Life

Each sunrise and sunset brings the Wayfarer further on his journey with a new beginning each day.  While he reflects at the end of this particular day he recalls that some point in bygone days he took a similar path.  As life is one of unending cycles – each day is a cycle of the rotation of earth, each seven days starts over with day one, each year cycles through twelve months and so it continues in cycles.  Life is really no different as we repeat situations over and over.  How often has the Wayfarer encountered the same situation over and over but with differing circumstances, only to have the same results?  Life is filled with patterns that cycle over and over to the point that all seems meaningless.  The expression is often used of one having a “monkey on their back” or that a demon is always on them.  What is the purpose of such patterns of cycles and what are we to do with them?

While the Wayfarer considers these matters he’s reminded of the movie, “Groundhog Day” where the character played by Bill Murray repeats the same day over and over and over for an indefinite period of time.  As the movie plays on with the same cycle repeating itself he finds himself in a state of frustration to the point of suicide, but can’t even succeed at that because he awakens the following morning with the same day repeating itself.

At some point he decides to make adjustments for the repeated failures of each, repeated day and begins to improve his life.  He learns to play the piano, develop relationships by trial and error and become a better person overall.  He realizes when he fails at something he has the opportunity to make adjustments for he knows the day will repeat when he awakens. And so the plot progresses to the point where he finally awakens to a new day and has won a new relationship through perseverance.

Is this not like life in general?  Though the Wayfarer does not have the same day repeating itself many of the circumstances in life do.  It may be in relationships that have failed, or at least gone down a wrong path.  So what happens with the next relationship?  Trying the same actions end up with another failed relationship.  Or how about the job?  Tired of the same routine, so try another job only to discover the same situation over.  Again failure to overcome the problems facing us during the cycle.  So what is the purpose of all these cycles?

The Wayfarer discovers that it is really Abba’s Grace that allows the cycles to repeat so we have ample opportunity to learn how to overcome those failures that tend to repeat.  He just needed to make the discovery that regardless of the cycles he no longer needs to respond as before but rather be an over comer of the failures.  With a new relationship his desire is to see it the way Abba sees it, not the way he did in the past.  With the new job he learns to approach it with different attitudes that please Abba.

Finally the Wayfarer has entered a new day with new life.  His focus is not on what he wants for himself but what pleases the Father, and that brings new purpose and meaning in his life.  No longer does he dread looking at the cycles in life but rather anticipates them because of the new joy that comes with it.  Learning that giving of himself to others adds pleasure to his life.  Now with each new day comes other challenges that may differ from previous ones and so the process re-cycles – how to make the right choices that will enhance his life rather than living the same drudgery as before.

Finally, no longer is it “Groundhog Day” but a progress that moves forward in a new day, though the cycles still continue.  It’s a new outlook, a new attitude, a new purpose with meaning.  May you leave “Groundhog Day” and discover the “New Day” in your life, along with the new attitudes and purpose with meaning.  Shalom.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Walking through the Shadows

It’s been a long, unending journey for this Wayfarer but not without meaning for he has realized that the journey is the destination.  So he continues on trekking through forests, over mountains, along meadows and beside streams.  Many places along the way are dark and dreary, little light showing through the shadows engulfing him - mile after mile of shadows and darkness with no relief in sight.  The mind is bombarded with thoughts of evil lurking about, ready to overtake him.  Fear grips him, but he pushes on hoping to find respite from the drudgery.

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil!”  Yeah, right!  Easy for you to say.  What’s this you say, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me…?”  Ok, I’ll believe that when I see it.  So were the thoughts of the Wayfarer many years ago while experiencing the dark shadows in the valley.  Where’s the good in a divorce?  Where’s the good in the ridicule and discouragements at every turn?  Where’s the good and mercy in all the heartache, hurt and pain striking at every miniscule opportunity?  Nothing but shadows and darkness with a rare, occasional, millisecond glimpse of light.  Only enough of a glimpse to give him the courage to continue in hopes of coming through the darkness, though doubts lingered he would ever walk into the light.

It was during such times that drove him to his knees in prayer.  Taking several hours of each day to read the Scriptures, even though the pain remained and the darkness enshrouded him.  Where is this “goodness and mercy”?  The reality had not pierced his thoughts that Goodness and Mercy had been following him each step of the way.  It was unfailing but his focus was on the darkness that enveloped him and was unable to see through the density of that darkness.

As he continued to pray and read the scriptures daily he discovered that little by little new strength and courage was gained.  Peace began growing inside, bringing comfort and relief.  Over the span of several months the Wayfarer realized the amount he had grown in his journey through the shadows.  He could actually detect the changes in his life, which were imperceptible on a daily basis, but looking back over those months he could see the measure of his growth.  New character had developed, making him a better person.  Finally, the understanding came that Goodness and Mercy had not failed him. 

He could now pray to the Father, “Abba, if the divorce, pain, heartaches, discouragement is what it takes to bring me in closer relationship to You then I'll gladly go through it again In a heartbeat, if need be.  Forgive me for allowing the distractions of this journey to keep me from you.  You are ever present in the darkness to bring comfort.  Your Goodness and Mercy are with me and I shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever.”

The Wayfarer continues his journey and often the road is treacherous and dark, but in those places he finds comfort in Abba.  The pain and heartaches are lighter and fewer, but when they are encountered there is always Goodness and Mercy surrounding him.  The Wayfarer has learned to walk in the shadows for the light is always within him.  Certainly, the journey is the destination for we never arrive this side of eternity.

You cannot go on this journey with the Wayfarer, for it is his and his alone.  You have your own journey to travel, taking you through different forests, other mountains, meadows and streams.  All the dark places you must travel for your journey is for you alone and is your destination.  Though you must travel it alone, you are never alone for He, Abba, is always with you.  It is for you to discover each new day, with its challenges and struggles.  It is for your growth and development as you learn to walk through the shadows and at times through light.  It is yours to overcome those heartaches, pains and discouragement that enable you to grow in character and maturity.  For you, too, are a Wayfarer on a journey, be it by choice or leaving heel ruts along the way.  From this Wayfarer may you find shalom and comfort on your “destination”.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Daily Encounters

The Wayfarer finds himself in the waning weeks of summer, the hottest time of the season, as he continues to journey in unfamiliar territory.  Many twists, bumps, hills and valleys are encountered as he continues to make progress.  It was over a year ago the Wayfarer came upon a junction causing hesitation to determine which way to go.  He paused to consider what may lie ahead and which way he should go.  Though he has always been willing to take risks in life he realizes he’s no longer young and chooses to ponder on the matter, for to make the wrong choice could have highly unfavorable consequences.  Praying for direction he waits for the answer, which was not immediately forthcoming but he knew the answer would come in due time.  Many things have been learned through the years of travel which are beneficial to him during such times, one of them being patience.  There was no need to make a hasty decision and time would reveal which turn to make.  Though there are times when a hasty decision must be made this was not one of them.  Another lesson learned was knowing Who he could trust and that there would be no need to hurry for it would become obvious when to move and in which direction.

This gave opportunity to make little side trips and explore areas in the immediate vicinity, always aware that he would be moving forward on a new venture - just uncertain of the time.  Over a year passed by when the answer came with no uncertain clarity.  Yes!  With renewed excitement, accompanied by confidence that new adventures lie ahead, he became eager to move forward.  This would require major changes in his life, which normally those of his age would be reluctant to make.  With great anticipation he made the necessary preparations for the journey ahead and took the first step on the new road.

Leaving behind the life he had become accustomed to he looked forward to a new life, new friends, new challenges and new opportunities.  This would be the natural response of a young man but not one of 74 years.  This can only be a “God thing” that was happening to him, as a result of attending an event and meeting people.  It has now been four weeks after arriving at his geographical destination and he is at total peace with the change.  Though he finds himself in a new physical setting and enjoying every minute of it he realizes the journey of life continues, with the mountains, the forests, deserts and valleys but there’s a quickening in his step as though he has arrived at an oasis, where he finds refreshment and nourishment.

Taking time to reflect on what has taken place over the past few years of trekking through life it’s difficult to understand the transformations one goes through.  The different experiences, which seem insignificant and meaningless, can have a huge impact on life down the road.  What would have happened had I missed a specific event?  How can “chance” meeting have an impact on our future?  We move on making choices each day, which really have no meaning at the time other than simply something to do, only to end up years down the road that have a huge part in our lives.  How many inconsequential events in life have ended up with significant meaning for us later on?  

Are such encounters parts of a bigger plan we are clueless about?  The times we wander aimlessly during a lull later prove to be meaningful.  Often it has been said there are no coincidences and when we honestly reflect back on our life we can realize that statement proves to be true.  Does God really have a design for our life and arranges for the incidences in our life?  This Wayfarer believes whole heartedly that He does, for his life experiences have borne that out.  We should live as though every part of our life has meaning, even when there’s no apparent evidence to bear that out.  So this Wayfarer continues to ponder on such matters knowing that the heavenly Father controls our destiny as we trust Him to do so.  Shalom as you encounter life’s experiences.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Natural Health

With all the attention being given to the issues of health care recently I’ve been musing about the times of my wandering through the wilderness of life when I stub my toe or encounter other scrapes, bruises and bites that afflict my body, bringing with it pain and agony.  There are those times when infection sets in causing greater tenderness and discomfort.  These are typically minor ailments I normally endure with little treatment other than to wait it out for the body to heal itself.  My attitude about such matters is simply that “life happens”.  However, if these things are not properly taken care of they can turn into major traumatic experiences.  

Other times I have met up with the microscopic “bugs” that bring havoc and misery upon my body, knocking me out for the “count”.  Doesn’t seem to be much I can do except bed-rest and wait it out until I feel able to be back on my feet.  Not one wanting to take synthetic antibiotics, antihistamines or other foreign substances into my body I usually “tough it out”.  I have come to realize that the body is capable of healing itself when properly taken care of, but this is an area of life in which I tend to fail.  Though I don’t abuse my body by taking drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol and such that are harmful to the body, neither do I exercise as I should, eat properly or get the rest I need.  Seems to be a mixed bag of taking care of myself and not taking the care I should.  I would like to mention, however, that I have recently been making major adjustments to my diet and eating more healthy – benefitting in much needed weight loss.  Now I need to come up with an exercise regimen to build the body further, however being the procrastinator that I am I will start that “tomorrow”.

Although I have been blessed with basically good health the reality is my health is not at its optimum.  Though I am not aware of any life-threatening maladies I am completely cognizant that my body has many toxins which are deteriorating the physical substance of which I am made.  Because of today’s processes of chemicals, foods, pesticides, pollutants in the air and water we have become bombarded with many toxins that overload the body’s capability to rid these harmful elements without taking extraordinary measures.  Unfortunately most people are either ignorant about how to accomplish this task or just don’t bother to take the steps to do so.

The foods we eat (which I often argue isn’t really “food”) are so altered from their natural state that it brings about illnesses which are often misdiagnosed; this is true whether plants or animals being grown and processed for our dietary consumption.  As God is the One that designed us He knew exactly what we need to eat to sustain a healthy body, so the plants and animals He created for food were designed to meet those requirements.  But as is the nature of man we have decided to “improve” on God’s designs and have come up with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in order to increase profitability at the expense of proper nutrition and health.  Thus most of our food chain has been altered by these products making it very difficult to avoid.  For those who are conscientious about proper nutrition, and acquiring foods in their natural state, becomes increasingly more difficult to achieve.  These and other factors have lead to a greater increase in disease and illness, all but unheard of 100 years ago.

America is in a health crisis which is causing great concern to the population in general as well as government and medical science.  Adding to the problem are the pharmaceuticals being prescribed causing additional ailments through their various side affects.  We indeed have become a sick nation with little hope of recovery as a whole.  Compounding this problem is the change of our health care system making treatment more difficult to come by, and for those who can get the care the costs are rapidly escalating.

For the good news there are solutions to this dilemma but it does require some effort and education on our part.  Most of us are aware of the need for proper nutrition, exercise and rest to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We can find natural, nutritious foods with some research and becoming more aware of the need to do so.  Exercise doesn’t require much education but it does require the right attitude to “git ‘er done”.  But what about the need to take care of health issues when they occur?  Because this has become such a critical matter I have become concerned about how I may be able to provide help to family members and friends having health issues who are faced with the need for medical attention.   Surely there must be a way to achieve wellness without the need for doctor visits, co-pay, and time spent for the visits as well as filling prescriptions, which all too often have adverse side affects.

There have been discoveries of non-conventional practices being utilized for wellness, bringing out the skeptic in me.  What seems so incredible to imagine these things actually working is the simplicity behind it – all natural methodologies.  One instance is the concept of “grounding” – making actual contact with the ground on our body to induce wellness.  Another study has come up with the use of vibrations/frequencies to stimulate the body into wellness.  Okay, where does one draw the line on this stuff? 

Over the past few years I have been hearing about aromatherapy having positive effects on the body, but I never gave much thought about it.  Not until recently, that is, as I began hearing about doTERRA (Latin for “gift of the earth”) Essential Oils and the tremendous impact they have on our well being.  This naturally made me go hmmmm…  Is it true they can relieve stress, change the mood and aid in eliminating depression?  Hmmm…  Some claim the use of essential oils have caused them to have no further need of prescribed medications.  Hmmm…  The more I hear and read about them the more I’m thinking “voodoo” medicine; this sounds too “new age-y” for me.  How can these things actually work to cause healing?  Scientific studies have been made to support this as being factual.

The more I have thought about this the more it seems to make sense as one considers the fact of God designing and creating our bodies, as well as the earth and universe.  It has been proven the body is designed in such a way that it is capable of healing itself with proper care.  If God did in fact create us (and He did) does it not stand to reason that He knows exactly what is needed for our health?  Science has discovered that everything, including our bodies, have set frequencies.  When parts of our body’s frequency gets out of kilter it only makes sense by applying the right frequencies to our body it will “re-align” itself back to health.  I suppose the same can be said for “grounding”, as we are made from the ground it stands to reason that being grounded – connected to the earth – we share things in common and with that connection wellness becomes realized.

God created many plants having the exact elements necessary for our consumption to maintain wellness.  By extracting the oils from these plants in a 100% pure therapeutic grade manner, which contain the exact elements our body utilizes, making it 50 – 70 times more powerful than just eating the plant, then it seems reasonable that it can aid the body to heal itself.  It is my understanding that doTERRA Essential Oils take many precautions to harvest the various plants under the right conditions and at the correct timing to ensure the highest quality of oils are extracted.  In addition they are sent to independent labs for testing to make certain that each batch is free of all pesticides, chemicals and other substances which would bring impurity to the oil.  They are also tested to make certain that no alterations have been made to the natural chemistry of the oil, ascertaining they contain all of their natural elements.  This is a process known as Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  So far I have not discovered any other Essential Oil company having this kind of standard.  It therefore seems to me that doTERRA Essential Oils would be worthy of consideration as an alternative to our health care.

However, to make it clear we certainly do need times of medical attention that require doctor/hospital visits.  They have been necessary throughout history.  On the other hand if there are measures we can take to minimize the need for medical practitioners it would be to our advantage to utilize them.  To apply an Essential Oil to many conditions we suffer from can often ease the discomfort and aid the body to heal itself.  When one can spend pennies to apply some oil to a malady versus spending many dollars on a doctor visit, plus the time spent to do so, it only make economic sense to go that route.  As in all things one must use common sense and know when one should go to a medical practitioner.

Is it time that you make adjustment in your health care practices and consider natural means versus chemical altenatives?  Perhaps more research/study about what has been shared by this wayfarer would be in order to discover for yourself if this be so.  One place you can look for additional information concerning the essential oils is:  www.mydoterra.com/carrollgleason.

Here’s to your good health.  Shalom.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Meaning of Dreams

Life’s journey is full of seemingly unexplainable situations, things which to some people appear to be “psychic”.  Perhaps we use that term simply because we know of no other way to explain such incidents.  For instance when someone comes to mind that you may not have heard from in awhile and suddenly you get a phone call from that person.  How many times does this happen during the course of our wanderings?

How about dreams which seem so realistic but make no sense whatsoever and yet they won’t leave our conscious mind for days on end?  Is there some meaning behind them which indicate a call to action, leaving questions what the action should be?  Is there the possibility that dreams could be some sort of revelation about events or meaning in our life, whose meaning remains obscure or doubtful?  So the musings on such matters continue, leaving no definitive answer for me.

My daughter, Sonrisa, recently relayed to me a dream she had a little over a year ago which turned out to be rather significant.  The dream was the result of an incident she had encountered previously.  {I’m sure I don’t have all the details totally accurate but that won’t adversely affect its meaning.)   It was some months prior she had been chatting with a Facebook friend who told her about a nine-year old girl that had been killed in a car accident in the Portland, OR area.  She had a younger brother and they were very close.  There had been some photos posted along with the news articles which Sonrisa read.  This saddened her to read about such a tragic occurrence and stuck with her, relating it to her two boys who were similar in age.  (I’m sure all parents can identify with such emotions.)  She felt strongly impressed to pray for this family for strength and comfort during such a tragic time and loss in their life.

It was a couple months later while chatting with a friend on Facebook who invited another person, whom Sonrisa had not met, to join in.  After a few minutes of talking the new person was sharing that she had lost a daughter recently in a car accident.  After showing photos of the little girl Sonrisa realized it was the same girl she had heard about a couple months earlier.  Sonrisa became a Facebook friend with this lady and kept in touch with her.

A short while later Sonrisa had a vivid dream that the mother approached her stating her daughter was missing and was asking for help to find her.   As dreams go, which often don’t make sense, Sonrisa saw the girl at Disney World in Florida on one of the rides.  The girl told Sonrisa to tell her mother not to worry and that she was having a lot of fun.

The dream would not leave Sonrisa alone and for days she felt compelled that she should share it with the mother, but was reluctant to because it was so weird.  She finally relented and sent an e-mail to the mother, prefacing it with the comment that she felt weird in sharing the dream.  She got an immediate reply and thanked Sonrisa for sharing it.  She had been planning for months with a friend of hers to take the kids to Disneyland in Southern California for the daughter’s upcoming birthday.  She was now struggling with whether it would be a good idea to keep the plans as her daughter was now dead.  When she read the e-mail from Sonrisa she took it as a sign that she should proceed as planned and had peace about it.

When Sonrisa heard this she was relieved to learn that her action was appropriate to the circumstances.  However, she was a little perplexed that her dream was about Disney World and not Disneyland so it was a little hard to make the correlation.  Sonrisa later found out that the mother had to change her plans and go to Disney World instead after her friend decided not to go.  This created a financial hardship as her friend was going to share expenses and now she didn’t have the means to finance the trip to Disneyland.  However, she has family in Florida and it made financial sense to go there in lieu of Disneyland as they would be able to lodge with family.

As I ponder about this I can’t help but believe it is a “God” thing that Sonrisa experienced.  What other, logical explanation can there be?  Many times I muse about the meaning of dreams and their significance and believe there are occasions when they are valid.  There are those who are said to be interpreters of dreams, and we read from scriptures dreams that God gave to kings which needed interpreting.  However, Sonrisa’s dream did not require interpreting but rather action.  So my question is when are we to act on dreams, seek interpretation and make discoveries from them?  Something for you to muse about as you drift off to dreamland.  Shalom.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

America Weighed in the Balance

With so much to muse over this Wayfarer finds great difficulty getting through the quagmire bogging down the mind.  In spite of the muck that’s being trudged through there are some thoughts getting through worth examining.  One which comes to mind is the plight of Israel from the nations that stand against her.  There is so much going on in this arena it’s difficult to sort through, leaving much to muse about.  As if that’s not enough there are more issues surfacing which demand consideration, such as the Benghazi debacle, the IRS fiasco going on and the AP wiretapping.  Is there no end to all the madness?  Many people are greatly troubled by what is going on and are searching for answers, which aren't readily forthcoming.

It seems there may be some progress being made with the different hearings going on but their fruitfulness remains to be seen.  Many believe it all stems from Barack Obama but he denies it and claims no knowledge of these things.  Will the truth ever be revealed?  Harry S. Truman often quoted that, “The Buck Stops Here” and even had a sign with that quote placed on his desk.  From the accounts relayed to the public they would have us believe the buck never even reached the President.  And so it goes the never-ending story.  Or is there an end in sight and if so to what result?

All of this, and of course much more which will be left to another time, reinforces the belief that we must be living in the end of the age as Bible Prophecy has described it.  What other possible explanation can there be?  Pondering on this matter brings about some possible scenarios that can play out, but no certainty about the actual outcome until time reveals such things.  To put this in perspective from the Wayfarer’s POV (Point of View) America is caught in a balancing act, as though God Himself is giving America a final warning.  We are in a position to see one of two results from this current situation.  Either America will turn back to the constitutional rule of government or it’s going to tip into obliteration.  It is up to those who are “called by His (God’s) Name” to humble themselves, seek His face, turn from their wicked ways and repent.  (See II Chronicles 7:14.)  If this is done we will see restoration of America, otherwise this nation is doomed.

Does Obama get impeached and removed from office as a result of these investigations and hearings, or will he skate free?  If he skates America is doomed as Obama continues to “fundamentally change” the course of America.  As things are currently playing out the time is ripening for the possibility of a civil war due to the great division between the liberals and the conservatives; the Democrats and the Republicans.  Or will God’s judgment come from natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis or any other number of possibilities?

When our nation has turned its back on God after having been blessed through its history and God patiently waiting on us to turn back to Him there is a day of reckoning when His hand will no longer protect America.  Knowing this nation was built on Biblical principles, with a Godly constitution to govern ourselves; how we began our history honoring Him and conducting our affairs according to His ways, over time we have chosen to go contrary to them.  We have prospered and been a great nation, but now refuse to recognize it was God’s grace upon us that brought this about because we honored Him.  How can prosperity and blessings continue when we now ignore Him and His instructions to us?

We have become a nation of greed and handouts, choosing to give up freedom for our welfare.  We have bought into the lies of socialism and allowed ourselves to be deceived that big government is the solution for our needs.  It’s interesting to observe such activity, though very saddening to realize what is happening.  We have become deluded and accept the lie instead of truth.  So now comes the question, “Is it too late?”  It may be, but as stated above we may be receiving the final warning before the end of the age comes.  It is up to us to determine what we are going to do about the warning.  Will we be willing to humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face and repent, or do we rather go about our daily lives as though nothing evil is going on?  The choice is up to you and what you do with it.  Therein lies the fate of our nation.

May you have shalom and be blessed as you consider these matters.