Thursday, May 23, 2013

America Weighed in the Balance

With so much to muse over this Wayfarer finds great difficulty getting through the quagmire bogging down the mind.  In spite of the muck that’s being trudged through there are some thoughts getting through worth examining.  One which comes to mind is the plight of Israel from the nations that stand against her.  There is so much going on in this arena it’s difficult to sort through, leaving much to muse about.  As if that’s not enough there are more issues surfacing which demand consideration, such as the Benghazi debacle, the IRS fiasco going on and the AP wiretapping.  Is there no end to all the madness?  Many people are greatly troubled by what is going on and are searching for answers, which aren't readily forthcoming.

It seems there may be some progress being made with the different hearings going on but their fruitfulness remains to be seen.  Many believe it all stems from Barack Obama but he denies it and claims no knowledge of these things.  Will the truth ever be revealed?  Harry S. Truman often quoted that, “The Buck Stops Here” and even had a sign with that quote placed on his desk.  From the accounts relayed to the public they would have us believe the buck never even reached the President.  And so it goes the never-ending story.  Or is there an end in sight and if so to what result?

All of this, and of course much more which will be left to another time, reinforces the belief that we must be living in the end of the age as Bible Prophecy has described it.  What other possible explanation can there be?  Pondering on this matter brings about some possible scenarios that can play out, but no certainty about the actual outcome until time reveals such things.  To put this in perspective from the Wayfarer’s POV (Point of View) America is caught in a balancing act, as though God Himself is giving America a final warning.  We are in a position to see one of two results from this current situation.  Either America will turn back to the constitutional rule of government or it’s going to tip into obliteration.  It is up to those who are “called by His (God’s) Name” to humble themselves, seek His face, turn from their wicked ways and repent.  (See II Chronicles 7:14.)  If this is done we will see restoration of America, otherwise this nation is doomed.

Does Obama get impeached and removed from office as a result of these investigations and hearings, or will he skate free?  If he skates America is doomed as Obama continues to “fundamentally change” the course of America.  As things are currently playing out the time is ripening for the possibility of a civil war due to the great division between the liberals and the conservatives; the Democrats and the Republicans.  Or will God’s judgment come from natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis or any other number of possibilities?

When our nation has turned its back on God after having been blessed through its history and God patiently waiting on us to turn back to Him there is a day of reckoning when His hand will no longer protect America.  Knowing this nation was built on Biblical principles, with a Godly constitution to govern ourselves; how we began our history honoring Him and conducting our affairs according to His ways, over time we have chosen to go contrary to them.  We have prospered and been a great nation, but now refuse to recognize it was God’s grace upon us that brought this about because we honored Him.  How can prosperity and blessings continue when we now ignore Him and His instructions to us?

We have become a nation of greed and handouts, choosing to give up freedom for our welfare.  We have bought into the lies of socialism and allowed ourselves to be deceived that big government is the solution for our needs.  It’s interesting to observe such activity, though very saddening to realize what is happening.  We have become deluded and accept the lie instead of truth.  So now comes the question, “Is it too late?”  It may be, but as stated above we may be receiving the final warning before the end of the age comes.  It is up to us to determine what we are going to do about the warning.  Will we be willing to humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face and repent, or do we rather go about our daily lives as though nothing evil is going on?  The choice is up to you and what you do with it.  Therein lies the fate of our nation.

May you have shalom and be blessed as you consider these matters.

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